How To Wear Monochromatic Outfits?

What is a Monochromatic Outfit?


Monochrom means – one color. This on one hand gives us options to choose an outfit which could be build by using only one color. On the other hand we have the freedom to play with the tones of the particular color.

This probably could sound a little bit boring? Why wear just one color?

Personally I find it very useful, especially when I have no idea what to wear or I need to look put together but I’m being restricted by the color range.

One great exaple for this could be an office meeting, as you probably may know if the dress code is business – the color palett available is a little bit restricting. 

And yet how to make this type of outfit interesting?


Fabrics and Prints


Each one of us has a personal style that includes the fabrics that we prefer to wear and the prints on them…

Personal style, helps us navigate throuht new trends, twist them a little bit and add our personal touch.. voila! 

Incorporating and layering different fabrics, including the patterns we love, this makes the outfit our own.

Mixing different fabrics into an outfit is really fun – here are a few of my favourite combinations: cotton & denim, wool, faux leather & cotton.

What about you, do you have go to fabric combintions and which are your favourite?




The balance in an outfit is important. When creating an outfit the thing that I’m trying to achieve is to keep in mind my body proportions.  For example: if the skirt/trouser that I want to wear is wider in cut, I would prefer the top of my outfit to be tight-fitted. 

The same goes for skirt/trouser and jacket – if the jacket is with strong shoulders and very structured, I prefer the bottom half to be – slim fit.

Let’s not forget that each color and cut matters. Throught them we either highlight the curves of the body or hide a flaw.

When creating a monochromatic outfit is good to keep in mind the lines above, because this could tremendously help us when choosing cut, patterns, fabric and colors.

Below you could find my monochromatic Pinterest Board.




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